Having poor air quality in your home can result in irritation in your eyes and nose, shortness of breath, and more severe problems in the long-term. Maintaining the air quality in your home is very manageable and will help you greatly in the long term, allowing you to breathe easier and avoid respiratory problems. Here are some ways to increase or maintain the air quality in your home.

1. Changing your AC Filter

After long periods of use, your air conditioning unit’s filter can become clogged with debris and not be as effective as it once was. Clogged air filters can result in poor-quality air being pushed around your home that is unsafe and irritating to be around. Hiring a professional to inspect your air conditioning unit is the best way to make sure that your ac filter is working as effectively as possible.

2. Dirty Air Ducts

Air ducts are responsible for pushing around hot and cold air around your home. If your air duct is dirty from long-term use, it will push lower quality air around your home. Things such as mold, dust, and dander can begin to accumulate inside your air ducts which can cause irritation and long-term breathing problems. Maintaining your air duct and getting it cleaned regularly is the best way to counter this as it is inevitable that dust, dander, and mold will accumulate over time.

3. Cleaning Carpets

Carpets are able to very easily hold dust and dander that affects the surrounding air and can decrease air quality. For this reason, a very simple solution is to vacuum your carpets 1-2 times every week so that dust does not build up and start to affect your air quality.

4. Having Plants Around Your Home

Not only are house plants a good decoration to have around your home, but they can also increase the air quality in your home. Some plants are able to remove toxins out of the air and act as filters which will increase or maintain the air quality in your home.

5. Hiring a Professional

Many appliances and vents in your home can be the cause of poor air quality in your home. Making sure that any vents or appliances with filters in your home are clean is a key component in keeping the air in your home fresh. Many homeowners may not know how to go about cleaning air ducts and air conditioning units as it is time-consuming and can easily be done wrong. Hiring a professional will allow you to know the cause of your poor air quality and you will be able to get it fixed much easier. D&T Air Conditioning and Heating offers air duct cleaning and air conditioning maintenance allowing for customers to maintain the air quality of their very easily. 

6. Having the Right Humidity

If the humidity in your home is not set properly, this can result in mold growing easier around your home. Mold will drastically decrease the air quality of your home and can cause serious respiratory issues if not taken care of. Having the correct humidity set will allow you to breathe easier and be more comfortable in your home.

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