As a homeowner in Jacksonville FL, keeping your home cool is critical to staying comfortable all year long. Even a small amount of heat and humidity can quickly make your home feel unpleasant when your HVAC system isn’t running correctly. In Florida, air conditioning units run all year long. That means they have to be a workhorse through all seasons. As you can imagine, it’s essential to take care of maintenance and HVAC repair Jacksonville to keep your air conditioning unit working at the highest levels.

Signs You Could Need HVAC Repairs

In a lot of cases, there are signs that your HVAC unit is having trouble keeping up with your cooling demands. Here are some of the most standard issues for which to be on the lookout. Uneven Cooling – If you notice that your home has hot or cold spots, this could be a sign that you have blocked room vents, blocked air filters, or issues with the ductwork in your home. Before calling for HVAC repair 32258, you can replace the screen and check for other bottlenecks. Broken ducts and blocked vents contribute to increased energy bills and less energy-efficiency in your home. Thermostat Temperature Doesn’t Match Room Temperature – So, you look at your thermostat, and it has a comfortable reading of 77 degrees. But it doesn’t feel like it. If it feels like there is a considerable discrepancy between the number displayed and the temperature you think, there are a few issues that could cause this problem. One potential culprit is a malfunctioning sensor. When a sensor malfunctions, it stops measuring the indoor temperature accurately. Often, recalibrating the thermostat fixes the issue promptly. If your home has an older thermostat, it could be malfunctioning due to age. The average home thermostat functions for approximately ten years, so if you know the thermostat hasn’t gotten replaced in this time, installing a new thermostat can get the temperatures in your home feeling great again. Other causes of an inaccurate thermostat could be the placement or positioning of the device. For instance, if you position the thermostat in the sunlight, it will read a higher temperature due to the heat hitting the device. Other factors, such as being close to HVAC vents, can distort the actual temperature reading of your indoor air. Also, a thermostat that isn’t level can result in inaccurate thermostat readings. Mercury bulb thermostats have to get mounted on a level to function correctly. Typically, thermostats without being level are a result of a mistake at installation. Careless installation by contractors, or completed as a do-it-yourself project without paying attention to the details, can throw off your thermostat. Weird Noises Or Buzzing – If you hear a strange noise or buzzing noise coming from your HVAC unit, there are a few things that could be causing the issue. Common causes include refrigerant leaks, broken or missing isolation feet, loose parts, or a defective compressor. A frozen unit from a refrigerant leak gives warning to the malfunction by making a buzzing noise. Unpleasant Odors – If you notice unpleasant or unfamiliar smells coming from your HVAC system, this could originate from dirty ductwork, ducts that contain mold or mildew, or from animals getting inside of the ductwork and vents inside your home. Other causes could include problems related to plumbing issues, mechanical issues, defective building materials, or an unsafe leaky heat exchanger, or a faulty, overheating blower motor.

Common Causes Of HVAC Problems In Florida

Florida is unique when it comes to HVAC needs due to the heat and humidity that is common in the state. If you are experiencing issues AC unit problems, here are a few of the most common HVAC repair Jacksonville calls we handle professionally. A Dirty AC Unit – The same way the vents and ductwork in your home can become blocked or clogged, keeping your air conditioning unit free from debris and dirt plays a significant role in keeping the unit running optimally. If the unit has leaves and dirt piling up around it, these materials can cause blockages that make it more difficult for your unit to operate. Bad Capacitors – Some of the common symptoms of a bad capacitor is your air conditioning unit not circulating bad air, problems or delays starting the air conditioning unit and the unit turning itself off. Other signs of a bad capacitor are the unit making humming noises, and higher energy costs. Clogged Drain Pan – A clogged drain pan is another common problem that plagues homeowners in Jacksonville. Unclogging a drain pan can be a relatively small repair if mildew or algae are causing the blockage. The area needs to get cleaned using a solution of water and vinegar to wash away these contaminants. Each time you use your air conditioning, the unit creates moisture, which gets directed from the home and the unit. If this humid air doesn’t move away from the area, it collects in the drainage pan until it overflows. Many of today’s modern AC units automatically shut down when this occurs to protect the unit from more extensive damages. Outdated Or Broken Units – The average lifespan of a home air conditioning units typically range from ten to twenty years. In Florida, many factors can potentially impact the average lifespan. Excessive use, storm damages, sun exposure, or lack of maintenance or regular use can all prove burdensome over an extended time. Sadly, when a unit fails, the only option is a replacement AC unit.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Home More Comfortable

No matter old or new, your air conditioning unit is, getting regularly scheduled maintenance helps you to address tiny issues before they turn into more significant problems at a later time. Depending on the make, model, and age of your AC unit, recommended maintenance and service calls might get covered by your installation or service warranty. In addition to caring for the exterior portion of your AC unit, it’s vital to maintain components inside the home. An accurate thermostat and clean ducts and vents help to improve your indoor air quality. For people who are sensitive to heat, humidity, common allergens such as dust and dander, or have other respiratory issues, keeping indoor air quality at the best level possible helps to minimize health risks and discomfort. In these cases, not having cold, untreated air can cause severe pain, breathing problems, and other symptoms that flare up when air quality is poor. Detecting troubles early is the best way to avoid having more significant issues later. Further, if the cost of the repair costs you nothing or very little out of pocket because of warranty protection, you potentially added years to the life of your air conditioning unit. AC repair 32258 protects you and your family from discomfort.

Restore Comfort To Your Home

If you live in the Jacksonville area, and you are having problems with your air conditioning and HVAC system, it’s reassuring to know there are 24-hour emergency repair services available. Our trained HVAC technicians understand the urgency of your issues and arrive promptly to handle the problem. We provide a comprehensive range of HVAC repair 32258, installation, and replacement services to help our residential and commercial clients restore comfort to their property. We provide free estimates for all HVAC repair services. Reach out to schedule an appointment or to get emergency repair services.

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