It is very common for your air conditioning unit to run into problems especially if you are not keeping an eye on it and maintaining it. If your AC unit is not working properly, there is a good chance that something is clogged, or a part is broken inside. Getting a professional to come to diagnose and repair your AC unit is the best way to make sure you do not run into more problems down the line. Here are some reasons that your AC may not be functioning properly.

1. Clogged Filter

Having a clogged filter is a very common issue that happens if you are not inspecting and maintaining your AC unit regularly. Filters that are clogged are not able to transfer air as easily and the air quality of your home will also decrease as a result. Having a professional maintain your AC unit is the best way to make sure that the filters are functioning properly and not affecting the quality of your air.

2. Thermostat Being Set Up Wrong

In many cases, your AC unit may be functioning properly but it is the thermostat that is causing problems. If it is not set up correctly or the batteries are dead, which will cause your whole AC unit to not work properly. To check if it is working properly, see what it is displaying and if it is displaying nothing, you will need to fix it or add batteries.

3. Compressors Are Being Blocked

Depending on the placement of your central AC system, your compressors could be getting blocked by surrounding trees and plants which will result in your AC not work properly. You can make sure that your compressor has enough airflow to work with by placing your AC unit 2-3 feet away from natural surroundings such as bushes or trees.

4. Your AC Unit Is Not The Right Size

Having an AC unit that is too small for your home will result in your unit doing a poor job at cooling down your home. Having a professional come set up your AC unit will ensure that you have the right size AC unit for your home that functions properly.

5. You Are Not Maintaining It

The most common reason for AC units not functioning properly is simply the fact that many homeowners get one installed but not maintain it. Doing regular checkups or having a professional inspect your AC every once in a while is the best to make sure that your AC is always functioning properly, or so parts are fixed before they start causing issues.

6. Dirty Air Conditioning Coils

Air conditioning units require the use of coils to remove the heat out of the air being filtered. If your coils are dirty and clogged, it is much harder for your coils to do their job and the air that is filtered will be dirty and lack of quality. Checking on your AC unit and maintaining it regularly will keep your coils from being clogged.

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