With summer rolling in, your home needs to be prepared for the heat of Jacksonville, Florida. Over the months where the A/C system is not being frequently used or cleaned, it can collect dust and other things that can lessen the system in value.

By following these tips, we can help you prevent any unexpected situations with your A/C system so that you can enjoy the nice cool air during the summer.

Tips for homeowners:

It is important to know how your air conditioner system works so that you can find the issue and fix it.

Your air conditioner has a condenser and a compressor, which are located outside of your home. The condenser changes gas to a liquid, creating heat. The compressor changes the refrigerant from low to high.

It also has an evaporator which is located inside the air handler or sometimes attached to the furnace. The evaporator’s role in the A/C is to absorb heat by changing the liquid refrigerant to a gas.

These three components work together to give your home the cool air it needs.

How to fix:

First off, you need to turn your air conditioning system to “OFF” before starting. Then, check your thermostat and find out if it is broken or outdated. If your thermostat is outdated, then you may need to replace it with a newer one, which our technicians would be happy to do.

If the problem isn’t the thermostat, the next step is to check for any blockage of the ducts. Often, children in the home could be sticking things like toys or blankets down the air ducts which can block the airflow, resulting in no or decreased cool air exiting the air ducts. You can also check the drain line, as it can also be clogged. The drain line in your air conditioning system is usually located above the furnace. The best solution for this issue is to find a professional who can do it as it can cause serious damage to your home.

Another common issue is the air filter. It is recommended that the filter in your air conditioner should be changed every three months to maintain maximum capability. Replacing your air filter is the best solution to this problem and the easiest!

The condenser coils could also be restricting your air conditioner’s ability to operate. The condenser unit is located outside, which looks like a big metal box with a fan. Since the outdoors can be quite messy, your system is probably clogged with things like dirt, dust, and leaves. Your best bet is to remove the protective panels and using a brush or your garden hose, flush out the build-up until it is clean.

After following all these steps, it is time to test your A/C system and turn it on. Go outside and check if the fan in the condenser is running smoothly and is excelling warm air. If it is, wait about 20 minutes inside your home and if you feel the cool air through the air vents, congrats! You fixed your air conditioning system with these simple solutions.

If after going through all the steps, your air conditioner is still not working, it is best to let the professionals figure out the problem. The issue may be electrical, so it is important not to do something that can cause more damage.

With Mighty Air Inc. we can diagnose the problem with your air conditioning
system promptly, leaving you happy with your experience of our service.

How We Do it

First, our experienced technicians at Mighty Air Inc. will provide an inspection for your unit and find out exactly what is wrong and what needs tuning up. Taking you through the process, making sure you are up to date on the issue. Then, we will give an estimate on the cost of the service. If you do continue to work with us, there will be a guaranteed satisfaction regarding your air conditioning system.

Overall, the best thing a homeowner can do to maintain the capability of their air conditioner is to do monthly inspections and clean the dirt and dust. But sometimes dusting is not enough. To enjoy this summer, make sure to contact Mighty Air Inc. for your air conditioning needs!


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