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During the winter season, it is important for homeowners and business owners to have their heating systems prepared to take on the harsh cold. We want to make sure that our customers and others are informed about the things that they can do to prepare their heating system for winter. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about winter heating preparation:

Q. What should you put your heat on in the winter?

A. In the winter, it is recommended that you keep your thermostat to 68 degrees so that you are comfortable in your home while also being able to be efficient with the energy you are using.

Q. Are there other ways to heat your home without a heater?

A. No, you will not be able to heat up your home but there are ways that you can keep cool air out and warm air in your home. Doing simple things such as closing doors and windows will keep cool air out of your home. Also making sure that any cracks in your home are fixed because cold air can come through cracks.

Q. How Do I Prepare My Heater for Winter?\

A. Your first step in preparing your heater for winter is to make sure that no parts are broken or being damaged by outside factors. If you are not a professional yourself, it is advised that you get an inspection from a professional so that they can diagnose and fix a problem if there is any. Other services such as hiring a company to regularly maintain your heating system will allow your system to always be ready-for-use. For those who want to inspect it themselves you should:

As stated earlier, if you require big repairs or you are not sure how to inspect your system, calling an HVAC company such as D&T Air Conditioning and Heating will solve all of your problems.

Q. How Often Should I Replace My Heater?

A. Heaters are made to be long-lasting systems especially if you are on top of all of your maintenance and repairs. Heating systems should last several years and if anything is wrong, it usually is not a major problem. Therefore, a heating system should last you a long time.

Q. Where Can I Get Help With My Heating System?

A. There are many HVAC companies that will be able to assist you in maintaining, repairing and installing your heating and cooling systems. D&T Air Conditioning and Heating is an HVAC company based in Jacksonville, Florida with over 25 years experience. We have competitive pricing and we make sure to bring results that customers are satisfied with.

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