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There are many practices and habits that you can adopt that will make your air conditioner work more effectively to cool down your home. Even if your air conditioner is working perfectly fine, you can be decreasing its effectiveness by doing things such as keeping windows open. These habits and practices will not cost you anything and will actually save you money because you will not have to increase your air conditioner’s output in order to cool your home. Here are some ways to increase your air conditioner’s effectiveness for free. 

Closing Windows/Doors

As stated earlier, keeping windows and doors open will allow hot air from the outside to enter your home and do the exact opposite of what your air conditioner is trying to do. Making sure your windows and any backdoors are closed will save you money because you will keep hot air out while keeping the cold air in. Letting the cold air escape into the outside will only result in your turning up your air conditioner which will ultimately result in you spending more money on bills. 

Vacuuming Vents/Getting Air Duct Cleaning

Vacuuming the top of your vents is important so that your air conditioner is not pushing dust around your room. With the accumulation of dust, it is possible that your vents can become blocked and this will cause your air conditioner to have troubles when trying to cool your home. Not only will your air conditioner suffer, but the air quality in your home will also suffer as there will be more dust and dander in the air because of the accumulation in the vents.

Make Sure Your Thermostat Is Working Properly

Oftentimes, the reason for air conditioning systems not working correctly is the fact that the thermostat is not working correctly. The role of the thermostat is to monitor the temperature of the air in the house and if this is reading temperatures incorrectly, your air conditioning system will also cool your house incorrectly. Because of this, it is also important to make sure that any heating systems are not around your thermostat so that it is not reading temperatures incorrectly. Therefore, before checking for repairs, make sure that your thermostat is not the one that is causing problems for your air conditioning system.

Changing your AC Filter

This is very important as not changing your filter can be the root of many problems going on in your air conditioning system. Making sure that your ac filter is not clogged will help your air conditioner push out the cold air as opposed to keeping it in since it is clogged. If an ac filter is dirty but the air conditioner is still working, the cold air may be affected by all the dust and dander that has accumulated inside your ac unit, which will decrease air quality in your home. 

Making Sure It Is Placed Correctly

There are many situations where the reason for an ac unit not working well is the placement of the system. Having your air conditioner placed in the wrong area of your property can cause it to be blocked from outside sources such as trees and bushes. 

Maintaining your AC Unit

Whether you decide to hire someone to maintain your ac unit or not, there are many ways for homeowners to make sure that their ac units are working properly. Therefore, homeowners should try to maintain them and follow these practices so that they spend less money trying to cool down their home. Maintaining your ac unit properly will increase the effectiveness of it and also save you money. 

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