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There are many ways to misuse your heater which will end up in a spike in your bills or in your heater becoming worn out faster. Many of these mistakes are very avoidable and only require good practices that will not take time out of your day. However, if your heater is simply broken or not functioning properly, this is when you might possibly need to repair it yourself or hire a company to do it for you. Here are some mistakes to avoid when using your heater at home.

  1. Always Leaving Your Heater On

Always leaving your heater on is a big mistake that will just cause your bills to cost more and your heater to become worn out faster. The solution to this mistake is to simply only use your heater when someone is home instead of just leaving it on all day. Leaving it on all day will cause a faster accumulation of dirt and dander that will clog your vents eventually. Therefore, you should only use your heater when you are at home. 

2. Not Changing the Air Filter

When your filter is clogged with dirt and dander, your heater needs to work much harder to do its job and heat your home. Not only this, but the quality of the air that your heater produces will be decreased and less healthy to inhale in general. It is important to make sure that your heater’s filter is always clean so that your home can be heated more efficiently.

3. Not Closing Your Windows

Keeping your windows open will simply negate the effect of your heater by letting in cold air when you are supposed to keep it from coming in. Closing your windows is a simple fix and will make sure that your rooms are being heated properly without any heat escaping outside. This also goes for any leaks or cracks in your windows or your doors. If there are cracks that let cold air come in, this will simply make your heater work harder to heat your home and it will not work as efficiently as it can. 

4. Ignoring Regular Maintenance

Over time, your heater can accumulate things such as dirt that make it harder for it to function properly. It can also be the case that certain parts in your heater are broken and as a result, your heater does not work as well. Therefore, checking up on your heater or getting a professional company such as D&T Air Conditioning and Heating to come and check your heater will make sure that your heater is functioning properly to heat your home. 

5. Turning Up Your Thermostat

Turning up your thermostat does not heat your home faster than it would if it was a few degrees lower. Turning up your thermostat will instead just run your bills up higher and cause too much heating that will be turned down. If you want the heat to come faster into your home, it is recommended that you check your heater for any damage, or add more insulation in your home so that the heat does not escape as easily. 

6. Not Updating Your Heater

As time goes on, heater technology is being made to be more efficient and heat your home better. There are always technological advancements in both heating and air conditioner so it is important to make sure that you are not using outdated technology because this inefficiency will make your bills cost more as well. Therefore, making sure to update your heater when you think it is time is important so that your home is being heated properly. 

7. Not Hiring a Heating Company

Heating companies that are reliable are simply experts in terms of heating technology and they will most likely have the solutions to any heating-related problems that you are having. Hiring a reliable company such as D&T Air Conditioning and Heating will solve all your heating problems as we have been offering heating services for over 25 years in Jacksonville, Florida, and surrounding areas. 

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