It is hard to put a fixed cost on air conditioning services as it can vary depending on the type of unit you’d like to use, and also the size and build of your home. Bigger homes will require a bigger unit in order to efficiently cool the home. The average price of an air conditioning installation can be from $3500-4500 but as stated earlier, this price varies based on some factors. In this blog post, we go over the factors that affect the price of an installation and provide you with an accurate air conditioning installation cost guide. This air conditioning installation cost guide includes information about pricing for air conditioning installation, maintenance and labor costs.


The price of an air conditioning installation will greatly be affected by the size of your home. For bigger homes, you will need a bigger system which will up the cost. However, you do not want an air conditioning unit that is too big as your home or workspace will be too cold. You want to go with a reliable company that will choose the perfect size unit for your home.

Efficiency of the Unit

The efficiency of your air conditioning will depend on the unit you decide to go with. Air conditioning units have ratings and will cost more if they are considered more efficient. At D&T Air Conditioning and Heating, we like to use Daikin Technology as we believe that it is extremely efficient for a great price. Therefore, if you decide to go with a system that has a higher rating and is more efficient in cooling your home or workspace, you will be paying more for the installation.


Air conditioning units should always be installed by professionals as it can easily be done wrong. While the labor cost may remain relatively the same no matter what system you get, you should expect to be paying a professional anywhere from $500-$1000 to install your system properly. It is important to make sure that you go with a trusted air conditioning company so that your systems are installed properly to prevent issues in the future. D&T Air Conditioning and Heating has professionals with over 25 years experience and our team will provide you with an air conditioning installation that is set up properly.


Many air conditioning manufacturers will provide customers with a 10-year warranty that allows them to replace their parts easily. However, you can also buy an extended warranty that covers labor charges for about $400. Getting this labor warranty will make sure that your air conditioning systems are always functioning properly.


The same companies that will provide you with an air conditioning installation will also be able to help you maintain that system. Generally, air conditioning maintenance would cost roughly $75-$200 for simple tune ups, but for other services that are not standard, you can expect to pay roughly $50 to $150 per hour for a technician. While you can maintain it yourself, fixing issues such as part damage should be handled by a professional so that nothing goes wrong. However, there are some simple things that you can do to maintain your air conditioning unit’s condition. Here are some tips that we have for maintaining air conditioning systems.


Many HVAC companies provide customers with deals and discounts for their air conditioning installation and maintenance. D&T Air Conditioning and Heating offers discounts such as 10% off for military personnel, seniors and NFL athletes. We also offer $500 off any new heating or cooling installation.

Air Conditioner Tune-up with Free Duct Inspection – $79.00

One-story Whole House Air Duct Cleaning – $499.00

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