When your AC system is making loud noises, it is hard to concentrate on anything. Air conditioners compare to a relaxing white-noise machine in the background. A noisy AC could indicate serious problems that need immediate attention. For some noises, immediate attention from an experienced technician may be needed. The following common noises may need fixing

1. Banging

If your unit is making banging noises, then it could mean that something is loose or broken. A simple replacement or tightening will have it sounding good as new. While this issue is not very threatening, the sound is very disrupting and could get in the way of your air conditioner’s operation.

2. Buzzing

A buzzing noise could indicate a couple of things, such as loose screws or parts, debris in the unit, or the filter. Buzzing is usually also an electrical issue, which an expert should look at.

3. Hissing/Screaming

Hissing or screaming coming from your AC is never a good thing. The first thing you should do is turn your system off. These noises usually indicate an issue with the refrigerant and could be dangerous for your AC and your home. An opinion from a professional is the best solution in this situation.

4. Clicking

Clicking sounds could mean loose parts in the system and can indicate problems with the electrical connections or failing thermostat. Constant clicking is not usual and requires professional attention immediately before serious damage can happen.

5. Gurgling

If it sounds wet in your air conditioner, it probably has refrigerant problems. A gurgling noise happens when there is a refrigerant leak- which is very serious. It is best to call a repair person with experience to fix this as it could further damage if it is left alone.

6. Pulsating

A quiet pulsating noise is usually normal, but if it is very loud then there is a problem. There could be loose parts that could be obstructing the system and requires further help from a professional.

When to Replace a Noisy Air Conditioner

As the years go by, your air conditioner gets older. All the noises listed above suggest an old AC, which is best to be replaced. An old AC may also damage your home in certain situations, so it is best to replace it before it causes serious damage.

An investment in a new AC system will even cut your electric bill! An old air conditioner sends your money down the drain on overworking, repairs, and more. With a new air conditioner, the sound will be much quieter and will work more efficiently.

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